Wednesday, October 13, 2010

P.S.A. that can be viewed from Outer Space!

This is what my front lawn currently looks like from across the street. A giant reminder of every citezen's civic duty. (I'm hoping that those americans on the Mir space station have a way to mail their ballots, since online voting will not be available anytime soon. )

Supplies for the project:
  1. x-mas lights
  2. extension cords
  3. a light-sensetive power switch
  4. Coat hangers

I found it helpful to start with a scale drawing, and some quick estimaions on how many lights you need. The coat hangers will be turned into cord-steaks, to keep the lettering in place. Cut off the hook, and cut the middle of the flat bottom to end up with something resembling a mini croquet hoop. If you do not have enough coat hangers, go to the local cleaners and buy a dozen for a couple bucks. I used sheet-metal snips to cut the wire, but pliers would work too. The light-sensetive power switch costs $20 or so at your local hardware store - mine has options to turn on at dusk, and stay on for 2,4,6,8 hours, or until dawn. Be sure to pay attention to how many light strings you connect in series - this maximum should be listed on the packaging. Hopefully people will not try to steal/vandalize this rig. I have a Kieth Ellison sign, and so far have caught one potential thief red handed, have put it up after having it knocked over, and had to retrive it from the alley down the street after it was stolen.

Remember; Vote aerly, and vote often!